Meet our team

Erin Co

Development & Outreach Coordinator.

Development & Outreach Coordinator.

Erin joined the Read-A-Thon team as a Development and Outreach Coordinator. Currently, she’s currently a rising junior at the University of British Columbia pursuing a Bachelor of International Economics with a minor in Law.

In the future, she hopes to work in international diplomacy efforts and be an advocate for marginalized communities’ access to quality education. This fuels her passion in working for the Simbi Foundation as it aligns with the belief that education and technology should be at the forefront in efforts to break the poverty cycle. Additionally, being part of a growth-oriented and supportive team environment allows her to foster a well-rounded skillset that she aspires to contribute to the global community.

Through her work, she hopes to exponentially expand the impact of Read-A-Thons and help diversify Simbi’s library used by over 131,000 learners to date, including 37,000 remote and refugee learners in Uganda and India. In her free time, you can find her going on hikes, painting, or watching a good Netflix show.