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Why is your help needed this Giving Tuesday?

In refugee settlements in Uganda, access to quality education is extremely challenging for students. Hover over the images to learn more.

Lack of textbooks

Primary schools in Bidibidi refugee settlement, Uganda, see an average of 8 elementary school students sharing 1 textbook.

Lack of teachers

Refugee-hosting schools in Uganda have a shortage of teachers, with an average of 85 students relying on 1 teacher, overstretching teachers and making learning harder.

Lack of electricity

Many schools have no power supply, meaning no lighting, no computers, no projectors, or any other fundamental technological learning tools.


Lack of space

Schools are overcrowded, with insufficient learning space, resulting in many children missing out entirely on education.

Lack of internet

The internet is full of incredible learning resources. With no internet infrastructure at many schools, teachers and students cannot experience the wealthof online materials.

Education Technology can transform learning spaces.

By supporting our Giving Tuesday campaign, here’s what you’ll be filling the next BrightBox classroom with:

BrightBox education technology

16 Laptops

16 Chromebook laptops will provide students with a gateway to digitally enhance their education in a way not previously possible.

BrightBox education technology

32 Headphones

32 headphones enable students to engage independently with interactive study materials, books, and educational videos provided with the BrightBox.

BrightBox Interior

3 Projectors

Projectors transform classroom spaces. From 8 students sharing 1 textbook, projectors enable all students in a classroom to see learning materials simultaneously.

BrightBox Technology

300GB Learning Materials

Simbi Learn Cloud software, hosted on a mini-pc server, provides access to 300GB of digital, supplementary learning materials and Simbi literacy software.

BrightBox education technology

Offline Connectivity System

A wifi router, wifi booster, and mini computer server creates an offline connectivity system which provides access to Simbi Learn Cloud resources over a 2.5km radius.

Learn more about BrightBox.

The BrightBox is a solar-powered classroom created from a repurposed shipping container and stocked with laptops, digital learning aids, and quality educational tools. Strategically installed within the ground of an existing school, BrightBox classrooms have the capacity to support up to 6,000 learners per week.

About Giving Tuesday.

On November 29th, individuals, organizations, and businesses around the world will participate in the world’s largest generosity movement, #GivingTuesday. On this day, everyone is encouraged to use the power of generosity to transform their communities. Everyone has something to give, and every act of generosity counts.

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