Inspire your team to create global impact with their voices.


Why Read-A-Thon?

Are you looking to inspire your team and promote giving back? From any location, with any device, a covid-safe Read-A-Thon gives you the chance to support the literacy and education of over 200,000 learners around the world.

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How does it work?

Your team comes together in a race to narrate storybooks on Simbi. Narrations are added to Simbi’s global library and then to Simbi Foundation’s BrightBox solar classrooms, reaching up to 200,000 learners around the world!


You narrate…

Compete with each other, renew engagement and purpose, and support global literacy as you narrate books into the Simbi platform.


The World Reads Along…

Your narrations are accessed by learners around the world via Simbi’s online library or in Simbi Foundation’s BrightBox classrooms!


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Are you interested in having a Read-A-Thon with your organization, company, corporation, or business? Are you looking to excite and motivate your co-workers or employees to create a global impact?

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Take a look at what else a Read-A-Thon offers!

See your impact

Get a weekly impact report to see how many people have been reading along to your narrations.


See how many books and minutes you’ve narrated – compete with each other to create impact!

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Volunteer Hours

At the end of the Read-A-Thon, get a certificate celebrating your impact, or log your volunteer hours!

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Impact Boost

Turn your digital contribution into a physcial one by donating to a Simbi Foundation BrightBox.



Explore testimonials from previous Read-A-Thon participants!

“636 books narrated and thousands of learners impacted around the world. A wonderful way to kick off the new year. Inspired by Simbi Foundation & Simbi, and proud of the Salesforce team! If you’re looking for a meaningful, covid-friendly way to give back, consider a Read-A-Thon with Simbi Foundation & Simbi.”

Jesse Friedland

Regional Manager, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Salesforce

“Narrating books alongside my UNHCR colleagues was a meaningful and memorable experience. We started off the week at the UN headquarters (Uganda) narrating books. By Friday, we were able to visit classrooms and could see students in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement reading along to our narrations! My colleagues and I have continued to narrate books on a weekly basis.”

Joseph Asali

Assistant Education Officer, UNHCR

“It hasn’t been easy finding ways to volunteer, so when the opportunity came up with PwC Canada to team with Simbi Foundation & Simbi this past week, I jumped. It’s been fun to spend a few moments each day recording myself and my kids reading books for students across the globe to learn to read with.”

August 2020

PwC Employee

“Being able to narrate stories to help students across the globe sparked a new life into me that had been missing since the pandemic started…We always looked forward to receiving our weekly reports to see the true measure of our impact and it was fun sharing how many students in which country listened to our narrations. It has been an amazing experience and one that I hope to continue.”

Erin Skrypnyk-Bajor

Principle Non-Profit Renewals Manager,