education means a brighter future

Simbi Foundation is a research-led non-profit organization enhancing access to education for the next 3.5 million learners in remote and refugee communities.

Why Education?


Education is a prerequisite for a brighter future.

258 million primary and secondary school-aged children don’t have access to education.

Without reliable access to schooling, learners can quickly fall into challenging situations that perpetuate the poverty cycle.

However, with an effective and sustainable educational foundation, learners are able to reach their full potential.

Explore the BrightBox

in India and Uganda, including in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

Students on laptops inside a BrightBox classroom in Bidibidi

Our Mission.

Enhance access to quality education.

With a goal of positively impacting 3.5 million learners in UNHCR Refugee Settlements, Simbi Foundation unites low-income communities with academic researchers to establish sustainable, solar-powered solutions that are validated by robust research.

How will we achieve this?

Over the next 10 years, our objective is to install 210 BrightBox solar classrooms, and 1260 BrightBox Micro portable digital education kits to provide access to quality education for the next 3.5 million learners. 

Our Approach.

Our Simbi-otic approach enables partner schools to enhance foundational education through solar-powered, digital solutions, helping communities to sustainably achieve brighter futures.

A researcher conducting a literacy test with a student in northern Uganda


Our Think Tank provides academics with the opportunity to conduct meaningful research and integrate it into Simbi Foundation projects and interventions to positively impact our partner communities.

A BrightBox classroom in Bidibidi refugee settlement, Uganda


The BrightBox is a free-standing or fully-portable digital learning lab, providing communities with solar power that enables laptops, tablets, and projector usage, as well as access to the Simbi Learn Cloud curriculum. 

A community engagement session with the Simbi Foundation team


Our training model equips teachers with the skills to integrate the technology, supporting community ownership. We collaborate with our partner communities to ensure relevance and impact.

Simbi•osis /ˌsɪmbiˈoʊsəs/


The mutually-beneficial and collaborative relationship between different organisms, people, or groups.

Research Brought to Life.

Every decision is informed by robust research.

The Simbi Foundation Think Tank was designed to conduct research relevant to our solutions, to collaborate with partner communities on the ground to improve and validate concepts, and to give academics around the world the opportunity make positive impact through research.

A Simbi Foundation researcher working with teachers at Twajiji Primary School, Uganda

Get Involved.

Support access to education for remote and refugee communities in Uganda and India today. Every donation, no matter the size, helps students access brighter futures.

We offer you the chance to Sponsor a Scholar from our partner communities in Uganda or India. This donation equips a student with the resources they need to succeed in school

Interested in conducting meaningful research with our Think Tank teams, and enhancing your academic experience while contributing to making positive impact?

Start a Read-A-Thon and narrate books for good on Simbi. Compete with your co-workers or classmates, earn volunteer hours, and support 195,000 readers around the world.

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