Welcome to the Simbi Foundation Think Tank. 
Our hub of bright ideas. 

What is the Think Tank?

Our Think Tank researchers develop, test, and validate — in collaboration with our partner communities — innovative solutions that support our mission to enhance access to education.

In doing so, they have the unique opportunity to channel their research skills into real-world projects, practical field work, and contribute to positive change.

Current Research Projects

Learn more about our current research projects. 

We’re always looking for talented, passionate individuals attending an academic institutions or with a research background to join our Think Tank. 

Discover some of our current research projects that you could get involved in:

Literacy & Curriculum 

Our Literacy Research focuses on analysing the ways in which we can support literacy progression at our partner schools through digital curriculum and technology innovation. 


Solar Power 

The principal focus of our Solar Power research is to optimise and scale the current solar system used in our BrightBox solar classrooms.


Technology & Connectivity

The Simbi Foundation technology research aims to provide solutions for the upgrading of our curriculum server and connectivity systems in partner schools.

Gender-Based Analysis

The Simbi Foundation Gender-Based Analysis has the principal goal of better identifying intersectional barriers that prevent women and girls from having access to education


Bike Share

Our pilot Bike Share program seeks to provide remote students with improved and faster access to their schools, to which they may have previously been walking several kilometres


User Experience / User Interface

The Simbi Foundation UX/UI research seeks to improve the learning experience of students and teachers at our partner schools who are using the Simbi Learn Cloud.

Think Tank Research Process.

Our Think Tank provides academics and professionals of various disciplines and experiences with mutually-beneficial outlets for their research.

Alongside conducting studies that enhance their academic credentials, Think Tank members can work with our partner communities in the field to validate their research. This research is then vertically integrated into our organisational programming, forming the foundations for sustainable, locally-relevant projects that create positive impact in the areas where we work.

Here’s how it works:

1. Proposal

Researchers want to conduct research that will support our work and solutions.

2. Choose area of study

Researchers get involved in a project concerning our work in Uganda and India and begin preliminary research.