Simbi Foundation partners with other organizations to scale positive impact.  

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UN Refugee Agency.

We’re working with the UN Refugee Agency to deliver our BrightBox model to refugee settlements in Uganda. 

We’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the United Nations Refugee Agency in support of our BrightBox solutions and their application in refugee settlement contexts.

Office of the Prime Minister, Uganda.

We’ve partnered with the OPM to enhance access to education in Ugandan refugee settlements.


We’ve signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Office of the Prime Minster, Uganda to provide five refugee settlements in Uganda with our BrightBox solutions, supporting the next 1.18 million learners.


We’re working with CRADLE UK to help deliver enhanced women’s healthcare in refugee contexts.


To enable self-sufficient and long-lasting impact, the BrightBox hosts a charging service at the back of the classroom. This enables Village Health Teamworkers (VHTs) to charge CRADLE Vital Signs Alert devices that support maternal health outcomes in UNHCR Refugee settlements.

Unknown Works.

We’ve partnered with Creative Studio, Unknown Works to optimise the design of the BrightBox.


Simbi Foundation partnered with London and Hong Kong based Architecture and Design studio – Unknown Works, to take our BrightBox solution to the next level. From optimised teaching and integrated charging space, increased water catchment, solar shading and air-flow, to buildability and comfort, Unknown Works considered the design holistically and comprehensively, reimagining the BrightBox as a piece of community infrastructure that would maximise the impact we could make.