Hadjia Nambaza Katiga 


Hadija, age 17, is a student at the Semei Kakungulu High School in Senior 5 and lives at home with her parents in the Nangolo district. Each day, she has a two hour journey to school. Hadija would prefer to board at the school, however due to space restrictions there is no room for her. Every morning, Hadija wakes up at 5 am, bathes, has tea with her mother, and then begins her trek to school. Because of the far walk, she is often late to her classes making her education more of a challenge. Hadija is most interested in courses related to the field of science. She excels exceptionally in her math and science classes, making her a top candidate for the SF scholarship. Hadija is Muslim and loves studying alongside people of different faiths as she feels that it has opened up her world to new ideas, beliefs, and has increased her tolerance. When she is older, she hopes to become a nurse.

Hadija, we wish you the best of luck with your studies and look forward to accompanying you as you learn, spread your wisdom through your curiosity and openness, and grow from your academic experiences.