Kasacha Rachel Promise


Rachel, age 19, is a student at Semei Kakungulu High School in Secondary 6. Although Rachel loves school, the unfortunate passing of her father last year meant that her family would not be able to afford for Rachel to continue with her education. Furthermore, her family’s newfound financial burden prevented her from having a meal for her long journey to school. This year, Rachel became a Simbi Foundation scholar based on her academic achievement, and she now boards at the High School. She now receives meals at school, and since her scholarship she has expressed that she is “doing much better.”

Rachel’s favourite subjects at school are History and Divinity and she hopes to pursue a University degree in these subjects in the future so that she can teach them to students like herself. We wish Rachel the best of luck in her educational endeavours and are pleased that our generous donors gave her the opportunity to attain an education. We are proud to have you as a Simbi Foundation scholar, Rachel.