Rafael Sugulete 

Raphael, age 14, has been studying at The Jonathan Netanyahu Memorial school for the past three years. He feels very lucky that he lives at his home with his family unlike many of his schoolmates who are orphans. Although Raphael has the privilege of returning home to his family every day, he still often struggles from a lack of food security. During the rainy season, Raphael often travels to school with a fruit in hand and enjoys picking mangoes along the way.

Unfortunately, in the dry season, Raphael will often go hungry.  Living 5 km from school, Raphael finds the trek incredibly difficult without food  Despite the barriers that Raphael overcomes on a daily basis to receive an education, his desire to learn has developed into a desire to share his knowledge. When he grows up he hopes to become an English teacher. We hope that Simbi Foundation will add some much needed relief to Raphael’s already challenging journey to school. We are excited to watch Raphael’s growth benefit his community.