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Our Researchers are from backgrounds ranging from Econometrics to Materials Engineering to Education. 

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Literacy Researchers

Aimee Lutrin

Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology, UBC.

Andre Santhumayor

Mathematics, UBC.

Bhaskar Malik

Materials Engineering, UBC.


Coco Wu

Computer Science and Statistics, UBC.

Pulkit Aggarwal

Bachelor of International Economics, UBC.

Gender & Health Researchers

Caitlyn Siu

Caitlyn Siu

Master of Global Health, McMaster University.

Christina Nguyen

Master of Global Health, McMaster University.

Daniel Frankel

Family Physician, Penn State University Graduate.

Deea Dev

Behavioural Neurosciences, UBC.

Emma Thompson

Bachelor of Education, UBC.

Gabriela Cervantes

MSc. Public Policy & Human Development.


Kasthuri Satgunanathan

Master of Global Health, McMaster University.

Rebecca Baron

Global Resource Systems, UBC.  

Rebecca Greene

Master of Global Health, McMaster University.

Lucy Gordon

Lucy Gordon

Bachelor of International Relations & Anthropology, UBC.

Infrastructure & Tech Researchers

Hans Zhang

Master of Solar Engineering, UBC.

Louise Cheng

International Economics, UBC.

Simran Thind

Technology Consultant, Deloitte.


Valentina Ramirez

International Economics, UBC.

William Lau

Electrical Engineering, BCIT.

Curriculum Researchers


El-esha Okyere

Political Science and Government, UBC.

Miriam Bellon

Creative Art Director & Full Stack Designer.

Paola Goldade

UX/UI Designer.

Sustainability Researchers

Hilly Yehoshua

Computer Science and Neuroscience, Vanderbilt.

Raghav Rmadya

Economics & Urban Planning Graduate, UBC.

Uday Goel

B.Com in Finance, UBC.

Yuki Kinoshita

International Economics, UBC.

Transportation Researchers

Nadina Holca

Disability Case Manager.


Vinayak Kalra

International Economics, UBC.

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