bike share

A transportation initiative to help learners get to school. 

Transforming Access to Education

What’s the Simbi Foundation Bike Share?

Our Bike Share initiative provides a means of transportation to high academic achievers who were facing long walks to school. Through the Bike Share program, which gives students a bike, a basket, and a helmet for a term of study, students have access to sustainable and maintainable transportation, meaning more time in the classroom.

The Bike Share Journey 

1. An 8km Walk

In Bidibidi Refugee Settlement, students face an average daily walk of 8kmThis means an early wake up, tiredness when at school, and walking home in the dark.

Students could be using this time to learn. 

2. Research

Our Think Tank researchers surveyed community members and discussed the need for a sustainable transportation solution to help students get to school faster. 

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3. Community Collaboration

Our researchers collaborated with the community at Twajiji to identify high-performing students travelling great distances to school.

Together they installed bikes for the students.   

4. Transforming Access to Education

Think Tank research has since suggested a strong link between access to a bike and educational attainment in the classroom.

Faster access makes more time for learning!