Deborah Numba 

Deborah, aka Boya, 16, is a student at Semei Kakungulu High School in form 2. Deborah goes by the name Boya because when she was younger, her sister could not pronounce her name and called her Boya- it stuck! Deborah lives in the Nagolo district which means that she has an one hour walk to school each morning. On the way, she sings songs and discusses the upcoming lesson of the day with three friends that journey with her.

If she knows she will be late for school, she runs part of the way. Deborah says that she was chosen to be a Simbi Foundation scholar “because [she] works very hard in class and at school.” When she finishes her studies, she hopes to become a doctor.

We hope that Deborah’s hard work and desire to arrive at school each morning will guarantee Deborah the ability to fulfill her dream.