Simbi Reading APP

Bringing reading innovation to any context in an offline format.

Immersive reading in any context. 

Simbi reading software provides a unique reading experience for students, by enabling them to read along to a narration and accent of their choice.

Combined with a Simbi Key to Literacy, students and teachers in any location can access thousands of culurally-relevant books in an accent familiar to them.

But how does it work? Simbi uses “Reading-While-Listening” to support students with gaining literacy skills in English.

Simbi users can read along with audio-visual material while it is narrated to them in a relevant accent. You can try it out below!

Simbi, our partner organization, is recognized by the United Nations Refugee Agency as UN Global Compact on Refugees Good Practice, indicating the platform’s resilience and success among more than 12,000 refugee learners.

of offline book titles made available

percent comprehension boost with Simbi

students in a classroom in Uganda

Experience Simbi… 

Click play to experience Simbi reading software just as students do in our partner schools around the world.

Try Narrating!

When you narrate on the Simbi platform, you have the choice to add your voice to the global library, sharing it with thousands of learners.