Tanooja Negi


Tanooja is 12 years old and is in Grade 6. Her favourite subject in school is science! Tanooja has one older brother and two younger sisters. Every morning before school, she wakes up at 6am, gets ready for school, eats breakfast, then walks 30 minutes with her siblings to get to school (1.5km).  After her time at Himalayan Public school, she plans to go to Bighkali school with the rest of her neighbours. Tanooja’s father is a farmer and her mother is a housewife. When she returns home after school, Tanooja helps her parents by giving the animals water or with any other help her father asks for, then she plays with her sister and studies – her toughest subject is science. After all that, she goes to bed!

Tanooja really enjoys learning in the Solar Power Classroom and likes to read with the headphones and listening to different people speak. Some of the accents are difficult to understand but it is still helping. She prefers to read with SiMBi because she likes reading while listening at the same time. When Tanooja grows up, she wants to be a pilot!