Our Indian Scholars



Priyanka’s favourite SiMBi™ book is the one about an elephant, and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher. 

We are so excited that you can join the Simbi Foundation Scholarship program, we wish you all the best Priyanka!


Maneesh’s favorite subject is science and he prefers to read in the new Solar Power Classroom at HPS.

Maneesh deserves to be a Simbi Foundation Scholar because of his dedication to his classes, we are proud of you!


Mansa loves that she lives only a 10 minute walk from school.

She comes from a family of farmers and when she returns from school helps with chores. When Mansa grows up she wants to be an engineer – keep up the amazing work ethic, Mansa!


Tanooja really enjoys learning in the Solar Power Classroom and liked to read with the headphones while listening to different people speak.

When Tanooja grows up, she wants to be a pilot!



Ritesh likes studying science so much that he brings his experiments home with him to practice. Ritesh takes a 30 minute bus ride every day to get to school with his younger sister and loves to draw in his spare time. We are lucky to have Ritesh as one of our Scholars!


Divya is a committed TWSB scholar! She helps her parents and her brother when she gets home from school, and during her time at school sets an amazing example to all her peers. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor – keep up the exemplary work, Divya!

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