Divya Arya


Divya is 14 and is in grade 7. Her favourite subject is science because she likes all the experiments and activities! In the morning, Divya wakes up at 5am, then cleans the kitchen if she didn’t the night prior, then gets the flour ready for Roti that her mom makes, and then she will make tea for the family while her mother prepares vegetables for breakfast. She has two brothers and a cousin that lives with her family. Divya’s parents manage a Greenhouse near the school that grows flowers. When Divya returns from school, she eats and cleans the kitchen, helps her brothers with their homework and then does her own homework and goes to bed.

Divya loves learning in the BrightBox Classroom at HPS and using Simbi. First she opens the laptop, finds the book that is supposed to be read that day and reads while listening with the headphones on. Divya loves to read on the computer, and also enjoys reading regular books. When she grows up she wants to be a Doctor because she wants to help others and take care of people!