Maneesh Jeena 


Maneesh is in grade 7 and is 13 years old. His favourite subject in school is science! Every morning before school, he wakes up at 6am, gets ready and takes a 30-minute bus ride to school. Maneesh loves learning in the BrightBox solar-powered classroom and enjoys reading there. He even prefers reading in the classroom on the computers!

After his time at Himalayan Public school Maneesh wants to study nearby as long as it’s in the same city and he can still see his friends. 

Maneesh has one younger brother who also goes to HPS in grade 5! His father runs a guest house and his mother is a homemaker.

After school, Maneesh goes home, takes a nap and plays at his home. Then he takes time to study in the evening.

Keep up the amazing work, Maneesh!