Mansa Bajwal 


Mansa is 15 and is in Grade 7. Her favourite subject is science because she loves the teacher. Her morning begins at 5am, where she gets ready for school, puts her bag together and walks to school which only takes about 10 minutes. After her time at Himalayan Public school she plans to attend Bighkahali School, where her sister studies. Mansa has 6 sisters, 3 older and 3 younger. Both her parents are farmers, and when she returns home from school, she gets changed, helps her parents with chores, plays with her friends, then studies in the evening. Math takes her the most time to study.

Mansa loves the BrightBox Classroom and loves using Simbi to read! First, they play the book to listen to the story, then they stop the recording, and repeat. She prefers reading through Simbi and feels that it has made her english much better. When Mansa grows up she wants to be an engineer! 

We’re proud of you, Mansa, keep up your hard work!